Sage Pastel Payroll & HR InTime

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Be InTime with Pastel Payroll. There are many advantages to using Sage Pastel Payroll & HR InTime. Here’s 10 of them:

No buddy clocking
With the absence of punch cards, pin-codes and swipe cards, there’s no chance of staff logging false entries.

Fool-proof biometric authentication
Fingerprints cannot be replicated, full stop. Each log entry is guaranteed.

‘Touch and Go’ operation
Digital Persona biometric devices are USB plug and play, with recognition times of less than 500ms.

Eliminate Payroll calculation errors
Automated audit logs ensure time entries are delivered accurately, directly to your Pastel Payroll Administrator’.

Reduce Payroll administration
Overtime, double time, holiday time and the like does not have to be manually entered or calculated, ensuring accurate calculations with no double checking.

Define work schedules
Set up standard shifts or schedules, and apply across multiple employees. Even assign leave schedules directly.

SMS exception alerts
Managers will receive an SMS (and/or an email) every time an employee arrives late, or leaves early. Set your own boundaries.

Eliminate unauthorised overtime
Automate log-off times for staff who are not required to stay late. Stop staff logging in outside of their shifts.

Daily tasks list on arrival
On-screen or printed daily tasks can be assigned per employee, or per group of employees, at any time. As staff log in, their duties are displayed.

Comprehensive attendance and leave reports
Timesheets, employee histories, deviation from minimum hours, actual vs. scheduled hours – keep a handle on every employee, as required.