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If you hire, fire or pay staff, you are already doing HR; you might not know it yet. Human Resources management can be easy; you just need the best tools to do it.

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Why have 70% when you can have the whole 100% Payroll plus HR solutions? With our easy-to-use HR Software System, performance reviews and disciplinary procedures can be done correctly and accurately, avoiding costly CCMA cases or having to pay a compensation for wrongful dismissal. A key feature of our HR Software is that you can use it from day 1.

Get the full complement of Payroll by adding HR at the click of a button.

With our HR Software, you are able to create custom reports and it ships with an employment contract template.

Key benefits of our HR Software System:

  • Disciplinary procedures are made easy with Sage Pastel Payroll & HR’s Human Resources System that ships with 66 disciplinary reasons (each with an offence level set up).
  • Keep track of company assets in your employees’ possession.
  • Our HR software ships with standard HR forms and templates.
  • No Human Resources degree required.
  • Telephonic and e-mail support for the first year as well as legislative and products updates (subject to an annual licence fee thereafter)*.
  • Single user option for smaller companies (upgradeable).
  • Multi-company. Up to unlimited employees (dependent on your purchased employee bracket)**.

Suitable for any size and type of business, our HR Software System also integrates with the Sage Pastel Partner Payroll software program, providing a pathway for quick return on investment

Our Human Resources Software Solution is so easy, even the boss can use it. 

* If your annual licence fee contract lapses with more than 4 months, you will have to re-purchase the HR software at the full price should wish to recommence usage. 
** Upgradeable at an additional fee.

Integrates into the Sage Pastel Partner Payroll system
Synchronise employee data from Sage Pastel Partner Payroll
Keep a detailed employment history per employee
Keep track of employee leave details
Create User Defined Fields for additional employee information.
    • 6 Alphanumeric Fields
    • 12 Numeric Fields
    • 6 Date Fields
    • 6 Yes/No Fields
Store important medical information per employee
Keep track of company assets awarded to employees
View a detailed history of training courses completed by each employee
Store detailed records of each employee’s educational history
Capture any additional impromptu notes or reminders per employee
View a snapshot of an employee’s disciplinary history at any given time
See a complete picture of each employee’s job performance history
Add/Edit employee details required for Employment Equity purposes
Keep a detailed list of each department within the company – link employees to their respective departments and superiors
Create job classifications to easily group job descriptions by type or status
Synchronise occupation descriptions from Sage Pastel Partner Payroll
Create detailed specifications per occupation, including skills, educational qualifications and experience required to perform each job function
Keep a complete list of company assets awarded to employees
Group assets by type
Keep track of each asset’s purchase date and purchase price
Update company assets’ market values regularly
Indicate each asset’s planned scrap date
Indicate whether an asset must be returned when an employee is discharged
Upload images of each asset for easy identification
Create disciplinary procedures according to your company policy or use the templates suggested by Sage Pastel Partner Payroll’s HR System
Define the various steps that a disciplinary process must consist of
List the various disciplinary reasons within your organisation or make use of the 66 pre-defined reasons created for you
Each disciplinary reason can have a unique process to follow by defining the steps involved per reason
Define the Key Performance Areas and Indicators per department
Setup templates for Performance Reviews to ensure line managers follow company protocol when reviewing their employees’ progress
Allocate scores to each KPA and KPI to allow a simple scorecard to be captured when processing an employee’s performance review
Ships with 30+ standard reports
Free document templates, including an employment contract and written warning
Free report writer to create additional customised reports
Allow access to a single user, HR Administrator, or to multiple users including line managers or department supervisors
User access can be limited to certain functions and/or groups of employee records
No financial information from the Sage Pastel Partner Payroll system is accessible through the HR System
Can be used as a module of the Sage Pastel Partner Payroll system
Includes a comprehensive, context sensitive online help facility
Import/Export facilities for HR related data
Encrypted zip file backups can be restored separately from payroll data

See through the fallacies and reap the benefits of good Human Resource Management (HRM)!

It is time to change ingrained perceptions of Human Resource Management, such as the belief that (a) implementing HR software and (b) placing a strategic focus on Human Resources Management will result in a layer of red-tape and adversely affect a company’s operational success.

  1. Shift the focus away from inputs and administration. Concentrate on the outputs and the information derived from the Human Resources Management software and you will discover that the benefits are often far-reaching.
  2. Don’t lose sight of employees’ well-being. Training, education, salary, benefits, incentives, career-path and performance criteria are important to the individual. Implementing HRM and Payroll software demonstrates the employer’s equally serious commitment to these aspects of the employer-employee relationship. A sound Human Resources Management base encourages excellence in products and customer services.
  3. Effective Human Resources Management systems don’t have to cost the earth. It is a fallacy that HR software costs an unjustifiable amount to buy, and implement. While the market is hardly flooded with cost-effective entry level HR software, there are vendors who have successfully extended Payroll functionality into the realm of HR, providing a simple, easy, and logical starting point.
  4. Boost flexibility, creativity and discretion.  Often entrepreneurs don’t want to formalise their HR software because their perception is that it may result in issues through inconsistent approaches to the treatment of staff. In fact, Human Resources Management removes none of the flexibility, creativity and discretion in terms of employee reward, recognition or incentives. Rather, it assists by establishing clear performance criteria.
  5. Clear, coherent promotion and succession management. Because reward is clearly linked with desired performance and behaviour, promotion, succession management, training and various other aspects of the employer-employee relationship are also clear-cut and known to all. Therefore the overall behaviour and motivation of the entire workforce is significantly improved.
  6. Human Resource Management and HR systems are for everyone. Labour legislation, competitive markets worldwide, increased competition for skilled human resources and generation gaps mean that sound HR strategies, coupled with flexible, easy-to-use and extendable software to support such functions, are no longer discretionary – they are essential.

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