Sage Pastel Connect Module and Additional Services

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Sage Pastel Connect Module

Validations and Verifications:
You can enjoy the benefit of validating and verifying your employees’ ID Numbers and Bank Accounts by paying a modular fee on a monthly or annual payment plan. To make use of the Validation and Verification services, you can contact your Sage Pastel Payroll & HR Certified Installer. Alternatively, contact Sage Pastel Payroll & HR directly on +27 11 304 4100 /

Bank Accounts (Verify and Validate)
Bank account validation ensures that a valid bank account has been entered into your Payroll System and bank account verification ensures not only that the bank account is valid and in existence but also that it is in the name of the employee specified on your Payroll. This eliminates one of the most critical areas of payment fraud in your Payroll run i.e. paying one employee’s salary into a “fake” or erroneous bank account of another individual.

ID Numbers (Verify and Validate)
By validating and verifying the ID Numbers on your Payroll you create complete peace of mind not only that your employee has provided a valid ID Number but also that the ID Number has been verified as belonging to the associated employee and is recorded on the Department of Home Affairs list of official ID Numbers. This eliminates both fake ID Numbers as well as ID Numbers not associated with the given employee.

Additional Services (Chargeable)

A pre-requisite for Additional Services is that you have our Sage Pastel Connect Module.

Credit Checks and Salary EFT Payments:
To make use of Credit Checks and Salary EFT Payments services, you can contact Sage Pay directly on +27 861 338 338 /

Salary EFT Payments
Salary payment batches are created automatically within your Payroll System and forwarded to Sage Pay without creating the infamous “text files” which previously needed to be stored on the hard drive of your Payroll Administrator’s computer and then forwarded or transferred to the authorised user of your banking software for transmission to the relevant bank. This improves efficiency and eliminates yet another potential area for Payroll fraud via the editing of the Payroll text file batch once it has been created in the Payroll and before it is imported into the banking software.

Credit Checks
You will be provided with valuable information on existing and potential employees including judgements, defaults, notices / alerts, fraud listings / indicators, marital status and spouse detail, including all residential address details. Reports are sourced from the three main credit bureaus in South Africa, namely TransUnion, Experian and XDS.

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